19th Century Bottle Diggers
         It's all about the history

               19th Century Bottle Diggers

                                                                  I'TS ALL ABOUT THE HISTORY


 I have taken countless pictures of my "Doyttville G11-38 puce eagle flask since I first dug it many years ago. The color looks different in all kinds of light.I decided to dedicate a page to the best bottle I have ever dug and probably  ever will dig.

Anything can happen,but I doubt I will ever dig another bottle like this in my lifetime. I will continue to take photos until the bottle is sold, so I might as well record some of them. When it is gone, all I will have are these pictures and the memories of digging this great bottle.










                                                             Willy & The Eagle





 Fresh out of the ground!





                                                        A sketch of the Puce Eagle



























The puce Eagle lives on