19th Century Bottle Diggers
         It's all about the history

               19th Century Bottle Diggers

                                                                  I'TS ALL ABOUT THE HISTORY

     Down  In  a  privy & Dump Hole

                           A turds eye view of the world.


  A ray of hope shines on a privy digger.




     A 6 by 22 foot brick lined privy that had 600 1860s 70s & 80s bottles.

                Most  privies  around this area are from 6 to 10  feet deep. 


       square wood lined privy,pretty much the norm in our area.


      Digging in the winter  through frozen solid ground.


         Digging in the summer,sometimes you have to cheat a little .


    A huge double wood liner,and the famous probe swallower ha.


        Paul inspecting a piece down in a 1850s barrel liner.


   Me down in a 1870s barrel lined privy with a tobacco amber sheaf of wheat flask.


          Digging out a whole 1870s china white tea kettle.


      1840s Summer tree flask at the end of the clay cap off.


              Summer tree flask  cleaned up.



        A big 1830s-60s double wood liner. The pit the puce Eagle flask came from.


             "THE PUCE EAGLE"


                    The summer tree flask came out whole!




    Once in a while we have to dig through black top to get to the privy's.



      A farm stone lined privy. Digging with the Badger.


     A deep bricked lined well.Wells are a gamble to dig.A lot of work for not a lot of glass.


     A cinder lined wall privy.These were made around 1890s


                    A wood liner dug in February 2007


          A tunnel pit supported by a mini wood mine shaft.

                                   (See digging video's  for more on this dig the "Mine-shaft privy ) 


       A nice Harrisburg squat from a 1870s wood lined privy.



       A 20 foot brick liner.(see Highway to hell privy dig video)



       Another deep brick liner! This one had barely anything in it!


       Back in black top! You have to go where the old glass sleeps.




                                       An 1850s stone lined privy



     A friend  of mine, Jim Morison  "Brake on through to the other side"

      A view not many people will ever see.Looking up from the past.

                                  Dave AKA "THE BADGER" up top




  Dug in (2011) a 25 foot stone and brick lined privy.


              Cistern Dig   salt glazed jug and a nice stone beer.

                                       Read about it in  the "Antique Trader"  Blog/publication .

                          Cistern Dig                                    





                                      A very deep brick lined well.   



A 6 log ST Drakes  Bitters from a 1860s hole              


                                                                                Pauly "Scarface" 



                 Dave AKA  "The Badger" at the city dump.             



   It is good to catch the bottle bug early.

                                   Take a kid bottle digging




                                  Brick lined privy in Philadelphia



                                 (  Philly Privy ) First time privy digger.

         Neal  the new kid on the block.Or should I say in the hole.




 Brick liner in progress



Just another hole in the ground......